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Welcome to Our School

Welcome to Scholars School System & College.Scholars School & College is a purpose-built Institute spreading over 16-Kanal area, well furnished and well-equipped with all the latest facilities. Spacious class rooms, highly advanced computer and science labs, a treasure of books in library enhance the worth of college according to modern standards. We are eyeing to inculcate modern, ethical and cultural learning in our students’ minds. The sole objective of our college is to enable our students live and survive by dint of synthesis of knowledge lab, high tech computer tab, spacious class rooms & ground for the students. Scholars College have no exception in providing all essential academic and professional accessories and we are proud to be nurturing our young and exuberant talent by catering their mental, intellectual and recreation needs.

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Moral Development

We are committed to not only educate but to also train them as per our Islamic Teachings by giving them Quran Classes’ and practicing the Prayer at School

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Social Development

By engaging in play in small groups children learn how to cooperate, follow the simple rules of a game, learn how to take turns and share.

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Language Skills

Student’s ability to master sounds and language grows in an astonishing way, they are able to understand more words than they can speak.

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Physical Development

By the time a child enters preschool, they are working toward finer motor skills like using tools effectively (ie, writing with a pencil).

How To Enroll Your Child In A class ?

We have designed our curriculum by which student learning takes place naturally by blending subjects in a holistic approach.

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